Schlauchmagen (Sleeve Gastrektomi)

It is a very commonly used method in the treatment of obesity. It can be preferred due to its easy application and effective results. It acts by reducing the stomach volume. In addition, a decrease in the hormone ghrelin secreted from a certain area of the stomach also results in the loss of appetite. Weight loss is provided through these mechanisms. It can be preferred as the first step of treatment in super-obese patients with a body mass index above 40 and in those with a BMI between 35-40 and additional diseases. This procedure has advantages such as short hospital stay and early return to social life. The advantages and disadvantages of the method are summarized below. In the postoperative period, patients can lose approximately 73% of their excess weight, and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and sleep apnea can also be treated thanks to weight loss. In women who cannot have children due to obesity, fertility and childbearing rates also increase after treatment.


  • Simple, effective
  • Short hospital stay
  • No foreign substance use (such as balloons)
  • No anatomical changes
  • No anastomosis (therefore, no anastomotic leak)
  • Can be converted to other procedures such as gastric bypass



  • Risk of bleeding from the staple line
  • Risk of leak from the staple line
  • Enlargement of the stomach in the long-term
  • Regaining weight
  • Op. Dr. Erdem Nalbant
  • Obesity Surgery Expert



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