Mini Gastrik Bypass

First performed in 1997, this procedure is preferred in increasing rates in obesity treatment due to its easy application and low postoperative complication rates. It has a short operation time, is easy to perform and has low risk rates. With excellent weight loss rates, it also has near-perfect results in the treatment of other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It acts as a method that both reduces the stomach volume and the absorption of foods.

​Approximately 60-90% of the excess weight can be lost at the end of the 1st year. At the end of the 2nd year, approximately 90% can be lost. In 5-year follow-ups, the patient group that gains the weight back is only about 5%. In short, it is a very effective method for not regaining lost weight in the long-term and for maintaining weight. After the operation, diabetes is treated at a rate of 93%, hypertension at 74%, hyperlipidemia at 91% and sleep apnea at 92%.



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