Personal Information
Doctor Name Op.Dr. Osman UYAR
Profession Obesity Surgery
Experience 5+ Year
Education Information
Medical Education Konya Meram Tıp Fakültesi
Profession Ankara Onkoloji Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi Genel Cerrahi
Minor Education Gastroenteroloji Cerrahisi
Member of Associations Türk Cerrahi Derneği, Gastroenteroloji Cerrahisi Derneği, Ankara Meme Hastalıkları Derneği (Yedek Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi), Türk Tabipler Birliği

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I was born in the city of Konya-Ilgin in 1985. I attended elementary school in Ilgin and finished it. I received my Abitur in the city of Konya. Then I studied at the university in Konya. In 2009 I started my studies as a general surgeon in oncology at the Ankara Training and Research Hospital. In 2015 I completed my studies as a specialist in general surgery. During my studies, I expanded my knowledge of the various types of cancer of the digestive system and its treatment methods (e.g. how to treat them by laparoscopic (closed) procedures. In addition, I have numerous further training courses in the fields of adeptosurgery, metabolic surgery, breast cancer, thyroid cancer , Digestive system cancers and endoscopic treatment for stomach and colon cancer attended and completed. I work at Özel Akhisar Hastanesi. I am happily married and have a child.